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Image by Alyssa Strohmann


Image by Alyssa Strohmann

Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

​Whether you are experiencing a life transition, processing childhood trauma, making a difficult life decision, acknowledging your role in relationship issues, healing from a break up, struggling with maintaining your individuality in a relationship and parenthood, or simply desiring personal growth, therapy can help. I believe that clients are the experts of their life and take a collaborative approach in assisting them with leading more fulfilling lives. I aim to create a safe space for you to make time for yourself, and your needs. 

cost per session: $135


Couples' Therapy

​​Relationships take consistency, communication, and compassion to work. But sometimes life events, negative cycles, and miscommunication can get in the way of having the relationship you desire. That is where couples therapy comes in. I work with couples to create a safe space, allowing them to break down the walls they have built up over time and be vulnerable with each other again. Through expressing their underlying emotions and relationship needs, couples are able to gain insight and restore their relationship. Whether you are dating, newlyweds, adjusting to a life transition, or looking to rekindle and maintain the spark in your marriage, I can help you achieve your goals.

cost per session: $160


Premarital Therapy

​​Congrats on your engagement! I know this is an exciting time for you and your partner. But before you put all of your energy into preparing for the wedding, it's important to put just as much energy into preparing for the marriage. Using PREPARE/ENRICH, I can help you and your future spouse to build a strong foundation for a healthy and stable marriage. In premarital therapy, you and your partner will be able to process family of origin issues that may impact the relationship, learn communication and conflict resolution skills to prevent major problems from developing, and address individual and couple goals and expectations when it comes to finances, intimacy, parenting, and more. 

cost per session: $160 +
one time $40 assessment fee

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