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Jordan A. Madison

Couple & Family Therapist

When your initials spell JAM, of course you find a way to incorporate it into your brand in any way you can. So what's my JAM?

​Creating spaces that allow individuals to heal and grow in order to lay the foundation for healthy and stable couple relationships. ​


It all began from a Grey's Anatomy episode (Season 4; Episode 17). The main character had an aha! moment during her therapy session, and I knew I wanted to be able to provide others with insight into their behaviors like what I saw in the show. My desire to reduce the stigma around mental health in the Black community was ignited during my matriculation at Spelman College. Understanding the intersectionality of being a Black woman and how that impacts overall wellness was instilled in us from the day we entered the gates. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Spelman College. I went on to the University of Maryland, College Park to attain my Master of Science in Couple and Famly Therapy. It was through my experiences during my masters program that I realized my joy and passion for working specifically with couples. ​


Outside of the therapy room, I enjoy listening and singing my heart out to 90s R&B as if I'm in a music video, going to barre class, reading, burning candles, making hair masks, holding babies, and collecting affirmations.

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Mission Statement: The mission is to cultivate a community that prioritizes mental wellness and healthy relationships by providing Black men and women with the necessary tools needed to prioritize their self care, build and maintain fulfilling relationships.

Vision Statement: We envision a world where mental health and seeking therapy are no longer taboo topics in the Black community. We want to create a cycle where individuals operate from a healed place, leading to strong relationships, that turn into stable families, which in turn will create even healthier individuals.



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I believe in helping clients understand how their past is influencing their present, and changes that need to be made so that they can create their ideal future . I specialize in improving intimacy by dismantling communication barriers and restoring trust and compassion. As a couple and family therapist. I help individuals, couples, and families heal from emotional, mental, and psychological wounds. I take a collaborative approach with my clients to empower them to rebuild and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships. I use techniques and approaches from Narrative Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) when I am working with individuals. For my work with couples, I often draw from Emotionally Focused Therapy, and the Gottman Method. Whether I'm working with individuals or couples, I believe it's important to assist clients with recognizing how their family dynamics and past relationships, are influencing their present so that they can create the future they desire. I am PREPARE/ENRICH Certified, which allows me to provide premarital couples with an in-depth look at their relationship and how to plan for their future together. I am also certified in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, which is a leading modality in treating trauma. ​

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