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Cultivating space to heal and grow.

Reducing the stigma of mental health. Normalizing therapy.

Providing a foundation to build and maintain healthy relationships.

Prioritizing self care.

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"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously."

Sophia Bush

Jordan Madison


My name is Jordan A. Madison and I am a Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist.

I created Therapy is my J.A.M., LLC 

out of the crucial need for the Black community to have safe spaces to heal and grow. The mission is to cultivate a community that prioritizes mental wellness and healthy relationships. Using my experience as a therapist and providing psychoeducation, I provide Black men and women with the necessary tools needed to prioritize their self care, build and maintain fulfilling relationships.

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I help individuals and couples heal from emotional and psychological wounds so that they can lead empowering lives and build fulfilling relationships.

I provide resources that make learning about and taking care of mental health more accessible for the Black community. 



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